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Помогите,срочно!(заранее:огромного-огромного вам счастья!)
Melbourne is a very large city situated on the south-eastern coast of Australia. It is made up of a
Central Business District (C.B.D.) and many surrounding suburbs. Melbourne covers an area of more
than 6,000 square kilometers, which is about the size of London.
In one hundred and fifty years, Melbourne has grown from a small campsite into a city of three and a
half million people. Most families live in the suburbs in a detached house with its own garden. This
means that people have to travel long distances to school and work or to go shopping. Almost
everyone has a car and although most streets are wide, there is a traffic problem. Many motorways
have been built to make it easier to get into the C.B.D. but there are always traffic jams during the rush
Melbourne is a beautiful city with many parks and gardens. There are a lot of monuments, interesting
buildings and sights to see. It has the world’s third largest zoo, which houses famous Australia animals
such as the kangaroo and koala bear. There is also a lot to do in the evenings. Melbourne has many
nightclubs, bars and restaurants which offer food from all over the world. So if you ever visit
Australia, make sure you spend a few days in the ‘Garden City’.

1. Melbourne is situated near the sea.
2. Melbourne is about 150 years old.
3. Melbourne is bigger than London.
4. Melbourne has a population of about 3,500,000.
5. Most people drive to work in Melbourne.
6. There are traffic jams in Melbourne because the streets are so wide.
7. Most people live in blocks of flats.
8. Melbourne has a boring nightlife.
9. You can only find Australian food in Melbourne’s restaurants.
10. Melbourne has many gardens and parks.
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