Английский язык 5 - 9 классы Felhalbine

IW. Choose the right one: Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous.1.We have been/ have been having French courses since September.2.Nigar has read/has been reading some magazines for an hour.3.Someone has ridden/has been riding my bike and has broken/has been breaking it.4.Elvin has translated/ has been translating the magazine for a week.5.I have read/have been reading two books this week.6.Here you are! I have looked/have been looking for you everywhere.7.You have cooked/ have been cooking pilaff for an hour, and haven’t fi nished yet.8.They have built/have been building their cottage for three years.9.My mum has to take my little sister to the dentist as she has broken/has been breaking her tooth.10.Lale has waited/has been waiting for me in the hospital for two hours.

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