Английский язык 5 - 9 классы Saithilhala

Тест по английскому помогите срочно пожалуйста 21. Закончите предложение : When I was younger, I. play tennis quite well, A) used to; B) used, C) to be used to, D) am used to, E) to get used to 22. заполните пропуски ... the largest ocean on our Planet A) Pacifics, B) the Pacifie, C) the Pacifics, D) Pacific: E) a Pacific. 23. Обратуйте пршипательное от ritar0ла " differ " A) differal; B) different, C) differation, D) differ, E) difference 24 Выберите правильный вариант rrerom : He said the water. . cold at that time A)is, B) were, C)will be, D) was, E) be 25 Выберите правильный вариант rmrola : I looked out of the window and saw that we... over the mountains A) have flown B) fly, C) lew: D) werc flying: E) was flying 26 Выберите травильно написанное слово : A) whil: B) wheel, C whill: D) wel; E) whecle, 27 , Выберите травильный вариант носаенной речи : He asked: Did you sce him today A) He asked did you see him today. B) He asked you saw him that day C) He asked if he had seen him that day D) He asked if he saw him that day. E) He asked if he was seen today 28 Выберите правильный rnaron : Please, be quite I (try) to listen to this CD A) try B) am trying: C) was trying, D) tried: E) have tried 29. Выберите правильный короткий вопрос : I lost my passport. A) Did you B) Were you C) Do you D) Are you E) Have you 30 Виберите What size... your shoes A) is, B) was, C) does. D) am;, E) are правилыый rnrn " to be "

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