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Английский язык 5 - 9 классы Mnegamand

1.A group of adults are lying in a circle on the floor listening to a recording of "The laughing Policeman".At first everyone feels ridiculous anf theres only the nervous giggle,but suddenly the laughter becomes real.It quickly spreads around the room until everyone is infected by it. 2.A French newspaper found that in 1930, the French laughed on average for nineteen minutes per day. By 1980, this had fallen to six minutes. Eighty per cent of the people questioned said that they would like to laugh more. Other research suggests that children laugh on average about 400 times a day. However, by the time they reach adulthood, this amount has been reduced to about fifteen times 3.Britains first laughter therapist, Robert Holden says, "Instinctively we know that laughing helps us feel healthy and alive. Each time we laugh we feel better. 4.William Fry – a psychiatrist from California – studied the effects of laughter on the body. He got patients to watch Laurel and Hardy films, and monitored their blood pressure, heart rate and muscle tone. He found that laughter has a similar effect to physical exercise. It speeds up the heart rate, increases blood pressure and quickens breathing. 5.Researches from Texas tested this .The first group listened to a funny cassette for twenty minutes, the second listened to a cassette intended to relax them, the third heard an informative tape, while the fourth group listened to no tape at all. Researchers found that if they produced pain in the students, those who had listened to the humorous tape could tolerate the discomfort for much longer. Сократите текст до минимума , пожалуйста срочно!!!!!

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