Английский язык 10 - 11 классы Никита

Помогите пожалуйста.Напишите пожалуйста 10 вопросов на английском к следующему тексту который ниже
Hob : I shall be going to Uncle Albert`s for Christmas - and what a time it will be! There is no one who keeps Christmas better than Uncle Albert. All the holiday I shall be having the time of my life; I shall be telling you all about it when we meet again.
Frieda : Well, on Thursday morning I shall be starting on my journey to Switzerland with Jan.
Olaf : What time does the train go?
Frieda : Nine-five from Victoria Station.
Olaf : I will come and see you off.
Pedro and Lucille : So will i.
Hob : Well, I can`t promise to be at Victoria Station by nine o`clock in the morning; it means getting up at half past seven; that`s practically the middle of the night. I dpon`t know what the speed of light is; I only know that it comes too quickly in the morning for me. But if I wake up in time, well, - I shall be thinking about you.
Lucille : Oh, Hob, make an effort for once.
Hob : All right, I will be there; but you will realise what an effort I shall be making when I tell you what one of my favourite poems is.
Lucille : Oh! What is it?
Hob : This is it:
There aren`t many things upon this earth
That make it seem like Heaven,
But one is to wake at half past six,
When you thought it was half six past seven.
Olaf : Good old Hob!

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