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Английский язык 5 - 9 классы Светлана

Подскажите как пожалуйста !!!!по англ 1.17. Complete the following sentences with the correct form of the verb to be. 1. He … a computer programmer. a) am b) were c) is 2. Her hobby … tennis. a) are b) were c) is 3. They … active members of our English club last year. a) will be b) were c) are 4. The weather … nice tomorrow. a) will be b) is c) was 5. I hope it … cold next Friday. a) isn’t b) wasn’t c) won’t be 6. He … in Kiev in two days’ time. a) is b) will be c) was 7. ‘… you at the University yesterday’ ‘Yes, I … .’ a) Was; was b) Was; am c) Were; was 8. … you busy now a) Is b) Were c) Are 9. What country … you from a) are b) was c) is 10. When I … a small child I … very noisy, but now I … not. a) were, was, am b) was, was, am c) was, was, was 11. Last year we ... at school, next year we ... the second year students. a) was, are b) were, are с) were, will be 12. Moscow ... the capital of Russia. a) was b) are с) is 1.19. Complete the following sentences with the correct form of the verb to have (got). 1. My husband and I … sometimes … a lot of problems. 2. When I was younger, I … a lot of friends, but now I … any. 3. I think we … a new house next year. 4. They … a son and two daughters. 5. He … enough money five years ago, but now he … much. 6. When he was seventeen, he … a motorbike, but now he … an expensive car. 7. I am sure I … a modern computer in three years’ time. 8. Our library ... a great number of books and magazines. 9. They ... industrial training in a month. 10. My brother … a good sense of humour. 1.20. Translate the following sentences into English. 1. Я уверен, что через два года у меня будет новый дом. 2. У нас много проблем. 3. Когда Питер был молодым, у него были темные волосы. 5. У тебя есть собака – Нет, у меня кошка. 4. У него есть компьютер – Да. 5. Я надеюсь, что в следующем месяце у меня будет хорошая работа. 6. У моего дяди есть новый автомобиль.

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