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Русский язык 5 - 9 классы Маргарита

Поставити слова у відповідну дієслівну форму 1)How long....(know) you Andrea 2) I .....(not/see) George since Friday. 3) They ....(see) this film already 4) John and Julie ....(have) their car for about a year. 5) She....(not/take) her driving test yet. 6) Sue.....(work) as a tour guide since she left university. 7).....(you/ride) into town on your new bike yet 8) Peter .....(forget) to take his wallet with him. It`s on the table. 9) Sarah`s feeling a bit lonely. Her best friends.....(move) to France. 10) I don`t know if Rob`s coming. He.....(not reply) to my invation.

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