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Английский язык 5 - 9 классы Kajishakar

Подскажите как,пожалуйста!Заранее спасибо) In each group (A, B, C) ONE word is missing in the three sentences. Fill in the gaps with ONE word. Use low case letters. For example: 1. I have ______ a mistake. 2. I am glad you _______ it. 3. It was hard but we _______ a significant profit. Answer: made A. What word is missing 1. The company pays her 200 $ a week plus ______ and lodging. 2. Our plans to travel abroad went by _______ for lack of money. 3. The director has to take our opinion on _______ before making decision. B. What word is missing 1. Are you ready to meet a great _________ . 2. My present position doesn’t really ___________ me. 3. We are going to _________ that team to a football match. C. What word is missing 1. He can’t help us. He’s out of the _______. 2. Try to _______ what life will be like in 100 years. 3. She always looks ___________- perfect. $

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