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Английский язык 10 - 11 классы Tojale

Пожалуйста,помогите! Combine the sentences as in the model, using adverbs harddy (scarcely) when, no sooner.. than. ye ues Model I: The train left the station. There was an explosion. Hardly the trait Teft the station when there was an explosion. I watered the garden. Then it began to rain. 2. Mary finished her novel, and then she planned to go abroad. 3. Ann spoke to the doctor. She realized how serious her illness was. 4. The ship left the port. Just then the storm began. 5.1 got into the bath. Someone knocked at the door. 6. They found one missing child. Then another two disappeared. 7. I sat down. There was another knock at the door. 8. I came home. I remembered that I had forgotten to buy bread. 9. The child touched the pillow. He fell asleep. 10. The play started. There was a power failure. 11. The trial proceedings began. The judge was taken ill. 12. The plane took off. The pilot had to make an emergency landing. 13. The train left. I realized I had left my bag on the platform. 14. He began his speech. Someone interrupted him.

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