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Big Ben is the nickname for the Great Bell of the clock in Elizabeth tower and is usually extended to refer to both the clock and the clock tower. As you can see, this famous clock tower has a clock with the round face, arrows, a bell and … some interesting … IDIOMS. If you fill in the gaps with appropriate words (parts of Big Ben), you’ll get nice English idioms.Задача с фоксфорда, Нужно вставить пропущенные слова(ИДИОМЫ) Что это такое и с чем его едят я не знаю 1. The basketball players usually … above everyone else. 2. If your actions fly in the … of rules, it means that you break the rules. 3. The new intercity train is swift as an … . You can get to the place fast. 4. When a difficult situation ends suddenly before you have to do or say something that you do not want to, you are saved by the … . 5. If you do something against the … , you do it as fast as possible and try to finish it before the deadline.

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