Английский язык 1 - 4 классы Thetalhala

Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в форме Present simple past simple future simple или Present Conitious
1. Where you (to work) last year? - i (not to work). I (to be) a student.
2. Beth (not to go) shopping next day, She (to be) busy,
3. You (to like) cinema? - Yes, but i (to prefer) to go to the theatre
4. What they (to do) now? They (to discuss) a very important question.
5. Where you (to go)? - I (to go) to the disco
6 He never (to want) to argue
7 You (to meet) your friends at the station tomorrow?
8 Many young people in the world (to be) fond of sports.
9 She (to come) to our party tomorrow? - She (to come) if she (to want)
10 What the children (to do)? They (to write) the test.
11 They (to like) the play which they (to see)last night - i (not to know)
12 You (to be) sure that he (to come) in time
13 Where he (to be) born? - He (to be) born in Kyiv in 1970
14 My friend (to be) in a hurry, His parents (to wait) for him
15 They (not to recognize) me yesterday
16 Nick (to look) after his sister till his mother (to come)
17 Your baby (to sleep) now? No, he (to play) with his toys
18 What she (To write) now? She (to work) on her report
19 Their father (to return) from his business trip lats week?
20 He (not to play) computer games yesterday,


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