Английский язык 5 - 9 классы Arabandis

Срочно перевод только понятный пожалуйстта срочноо .If It has two floors it called a double decker and you can Get a good view from the top. If it has only one floor it’s called a single-decker. Buses have a two person crew it’s a driver who drives, of course, and the conductor (or the conductress if it’s a woman) who takes your money. Keep your ticket as the inspector might want to check it. You catch a bus waiting at a bus stop. For longer distances take a long-distance bus called a coach which is slower but cheaper. A double-decker bus has an upstairs (top) and a downstairs (inside). The use of the word “inside” for the lower deck dates from the early days when the top deck was open, so that only passengers on the lower deck were inside. People queue for buses in Britain. But you shouldn’t jump the queue: people don’t like it. Only a limited number is allowed to stand inside. And no one may stand on top. Smoking in allowed on top but you cannot smoke inside.

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