Английский язык 10-11 класс KILLER

Подскажите как пожалуйста!!! Нужно определить существительные, прилагательные, наречия и глаголы в следующих группах слов и выбрать верную форму из предложенных вариантов. A. a. research; b. to research; c. researcher 1. There is clearly a need for further __________ this topic. 2. A software package entitled ”NN” integrates that have been compiled by independent ________________ . 3.They have been ______________the effects of the drug mice. 4. This book by itself does not provide all the tools to become a creative ___________ in mathematics. 5. The subject has not been fully ____________before. 6. A few _______________ challenge this assessment, offering intriguing alternative mos. 7. She teaches a lot of classes and doesnt have much time for her own _____________ . 8. This book is of special interest to those working, ___________ and teaching computing. B. a. system; b. systematic; c. systematically; d. systematize; e. systematizati; f. unsystematically. 1. Rhetoric provides a framework in which these matters may be _____________ investigated. 2. They are introducing a very sophisticated ______________ for ivering informati. 3. The positive side of _______________ methodologies is that they can heighten a researcher’s appreciati of the complexities of the world. 4. We can ________________ this ccept by classifying it into a small number of distinct categories. 5. Formalizati is an outgrowth of the broader goals of scientific ___________________ . 6. Satellite communicati ____________ can potentially alter the industrial paradigm in developing countries. 7. The collecti has been ______________ d.

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