Английский язык 8-9 класс Diarika

Look at the prompts given. In pairs, ask and answer questions, as in the еxample.

SA: Why did he go to the supermarket yesterday ?

SB: Because he had to do some shopping.

1 he / go to the supermarket / do some shooping

2 she / go to the post office / post some letters

3 they / call the babysitter / attend a meeting

4 he / call a taxi / go to the airport

5 she / buy a dictionary / translate a novel

6 they / go to a restaurant / entertain some сlients


2. Why did she go to the post office tomorrow?

Because she has to send some letters.

3. Why do they call the babysitter.

They are attending the meeting tomorrow.

4. Why did he call a taxi?

He must go to the airport.

5. Why did she buy a dictionary?

She must translate the novel.

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