Английский язык 8-9 класс Селена


Dear Robert,

I.m writing to tell you about our new house. It is lovely!

It is 1) the nicest house I have ever seen. It is much

2) bigger than our last one but also

3) more expensive. The house looks very modern. There are many rooms with large windows and wooden floors.

I finally have a room that I don.t have to share with my

4) younger brother. My bedroom is on the second floor and I have a great view.

5) the best thing about this house is that it has a lovely garden. There are lots of flowers and trees around which make the place much

6) more colourful.

The new house is in a peaceful area. It is actually

7) the quietest area I have ever lived in. The neighbours are olso very kind. Can you believe they organised a party for us? They are definitely

8) the most friendly people I have ever met.

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