Английский язык 10-11 класс Biomax

Прочитайте діалоги і за діалогами зробіть завдання b)


I really want to say something but when I speak I get stuck because I dont know the word. The teacher keeps telling us to write down a sentence with a new word we have learnt but I dont feel like doing it.

I like grammar exercises and listening. Im not much of a talker because Im very shy.

I like reading in English but when Im speaking, I translate word by word what Im saying. so I speak very slowly.

The teacher usually writes down the pronunciation symbols after a new word. I think the sound symbols are too difficult to copy. I dont understand why we have to learn them.

I think writing is very boring. It takes up a lot of time. I dont need it. I prefer speaking.


When we listen to the audio CD I dont understand a lot. During listening I look up the words in the dictionary.


e to keep doing smth e to feel like doing smth to look up smth in the dictionary

b) Make true sentences.

Ivanka dont like leaming vocabulary

Sophia dont like copying pronunciation symbols.

Diego likes reading

Oksana dont like listening.

Hans like doing grammar exercises.

Yannick doesnt like writing.

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