Английский язык 8-9 класс анна


Presenttenses Choose the correct answer, A, B or C.

1. (C) The meals here not are very expensive.

2. (A) Amnt linvited to Jims pany?

3. (B) The shoe shop hasn`t got the shoes i saw last week.

4. (A) I`m exhausted.I`m going to have a sleep for half an hour.

5. (A) Don`t brother to invite Gerry-he doesn`t like musicals!

6. (C) i really like Leona Lewis-she sings so well.

7. (B) Most children don`t eat enough green vegetables.

8. (A) We don`t need to rush-this bus is always late!

9. (C) I usually print on a colour printer,but mine is broken at the moment.

10. (C) Are you working on the report for Grant Brothers at the moment?

11. (C) Is Alana coming this evening? no,she is staying at home with the kinds.

12. (A) Let`s put the heating on. the nights are getting colder now.

13. (B) can you tell the children to be quiet? They are always arguing!

14. (A) In this pictures,the woman is repairing a car that`s broken down.

15. (C) A student teacher is taking our class while Ms Bennett has her baby.

16. (B) What do you usually read when you`re in bed at night?

17. (B) The film opens with a car crash,and then ...

18. (C) Older people are getting more help from the government this year.

19. (A) Is this the soup for the dinner party tonight? Mmm,it tastes icious!

20. (A) Do you remember the date of Dan`s wedding anniversary?I`ve forgotten it.

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