Английский язык 8-9 класс Окси

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Spotlight 9. Module | "Festivals"

Variant 2

1 Fill in: place, parade, final, display, won, throwing, raise, change, life, pull.

1.Who won the game?

2. We are watching a street life this moment.

3. Victory Day takes place on 9th May.

4. They usually have a fireworks display on this day.

5. The Maslenitsa Festival is about saying a final goodbye to winter.

6. Children worked hard to raise money for charity.

7. The spectaculars were waving and throwing streamers.

8. All the children like to pull crackers at Christmas.

9. At La Tomatina you need a spare parade of clothes.

10. Here you can experience change as a pirate.

2. Put the verb in brackets in Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect or Present

Perfect Continuous: .

1. Mark is tired. He has been working since morning.

2. We don’t believe in ghosts.

3. The meeting will start at 9 am so lets hurry.

4. They has not seen a firework s display before.

5. These flowers smells nice and sweet.

6. I already done the housework. I can go for a walk now.

7. Jane has been writing a letter to a magazine for 2 hours.

8. She has not finished it yet.

9."-What you are you doing?"

10 - "I am looking for for my pen-knife."

3. Word Formation. Add -ed or -ing to the words in brackets

6. I find cleaning the room quiet tiring. I always get tired at the end.

7. I often feel embarrassed when somebody tries to play a trick on me. Its quite an embarrassing situation for me.

8. Its really exhausting to prepare for final exam. You cant but became totally exhausted.

9. He is such an annoying person. Everyone is usually annoyed after 5 minutes talking to her.

10. People dont usually feel bored when they watch this film, its not at all boring.

4. Dependent Prepositions. Fill in the gaps: with, in, for, of

1 Im afraid of snakes.

2 My sister interested in learning foreign languages.

3 The hall was crowded with people.

4 Do you believe in superstitions?

5 Children cant wait for Christmas to come.

5. Phrasal Verb. Fill in the gaps: down, into, on, back, up, off.

1. There was a traffic jam on the road so we decided to turn back.

2. She was offered a new job but she turned down the offer.

3. He managed to turn their words into joke.

4. Turn off the radio. It disturbs me.

5. Turn up the TV. I cant hear what theyre saying.

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