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Английский язык 4-7 класс AmirkhanG

Is there a famous mythical creature that lives in your country? Do you know
any other strange creatures? Write about it and draw a picture!



It is one of the most popular mythical creatures in Slavic folklore. Most Russian people know about him from fairy tales. Some people still believe that the Brownie can influence the life of the owner of the house.

According to the myth, so that he does not do evil to any of the owners, he must be appeased with various treats. Although this often leads to the opposite consequences.


In Slavic mythology, this is the night spirit. Usually they scare naughty children. And although Babay does not have any specific image, they often speak of him as an old man with a bag in which he puts harmful children.


Kikimora is present in Slavic-Ugric mythology and the form of a spirit that does a lot of harm to humans. Often, this mythical creature tles in houses a child has recently died.

Kikimora knows how to transform into a child and sometimes kidnaps children.


The Slavs believed that Vodyanoy was the master of various water sources. Mermaids, undines and other mythical creatures living in the sea obey him.

As a rule, the Water One does not give people any problems, but sometimes it can drag a person into the abyss.


This legendary bird has immortality. According to the famous historian Herodotus, it can be seen only once every 500 years. She has bright red and gold feathers.

Outwardly, she looks like an eagle. Phoenix does not multiply, but every time after death it is reborn from its own ashes.

Phoenix is ​​often used in catchy terms.

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