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Английский язык 4-7 класс Amirkhan


In spring

Watch (orruni) the London Marathon One of Europes biggest marathons takes place in spring every year,

April, About 40,000 people, includingtop runners and celebrities, run 26 2 city its fantasticatmosphere. You can watch anyalong the route, but the Tower of London and the finish, near Buckingham Palace, are my favourite places April in London doesnt good weather - be prepared for sun, showers, and wind!

In summer

Go to the Open Air Theatre in Regents Park. Open from September, this is a great place to see Shakespeare and other classics Come prepared for all types of weather, it rains - and it can - you can buy plastic raincoats at the theatre. In bad weather theysometimes cancel aperformance, but you can use your tickets on a different day You can buya picnic or take your own, and you can buy dinner too (quite expensive)

Go to the Treetop WalkWay at Kew Gardens

This is one of the highlights of Kew, Londons botanical gardens. ks open all year round, and its beautiful in autumn when the trees are changing colour, The Walkway is 8 metres abo the ground and you can see all the gardens and a lot of famous buildings, including Wembley Stadium. You can also see birds and insects very close up, and find out all about the trees wound you. But if the weatheris very windy, the Walkwaysometimes closes.

In winter

Visit the V&A. London is full of wonderful museums, you can happily spenda cold winters day. My favourite, which not all tourists know about, is the Victoria and Albert Museum, or V8A, Its the worldstop museum for art and design, and hasamazing collectionsof clothes, furniture, jewellery, clocks, and ceramics Exhibitions include the clothes of fashion designer Alexander McQueen, and the career of David has special activities for children, and a great café open until 17. 15. Entrance is free, but some exhibitions charge a fee.

Вставить заместо точек:

a) 1. - TW

2. - OAT

3. - LM

4. - V&A

5. - TW

6. - AOT

7. - LM

b) 1. - atmosphere

2. - places, Museum

3. - weather

4. - place, café

5. - buildings

6. - museums

7. - collections

c) I would like to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum to see old collections.

I would like to run the London Marathon to see famous people.

I would like to go to the open air theater to see Shakespeare and other classics.

I would love to visit the London Botanic Gardens, see birds and insects up close and learn all about trees.

At various times, you can visit the open-air theater in Regents Park.

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