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Английский язык 4-7 класс Amirkhan

the task of the English language:
Write three short review (as read in class) about your favorite mth, day of the week, and time of day. Each comment should ctain 3-4 sentences)


1. My favorite month is May. May precedes early summer. It creates a joyful mood. May brings warmth. Plants are starting to gain strength. May is the month before the long vacation.

2. My favorite time of day is daytime. The sun is high and shining brightly. People communicate with each other. Everyone is busy with different things. At this time of day, you least want to sleep.

3. My favorite day of the week is Thursday. Thursday is the middle of the week. Its time to pay attention to my results. On this day, I analyze my mistakes. I try to fix these errors on Friday.

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