Английский язык 10 - 11 классы Centrihelm

Выбрать правильный вариант (or-либо) 6. I (didn"t recognise or hadn"t recognised) Lucy, because she (had grown or grew)her hair very long. 7. The man (told or had told) me that he (was or had been) in Russia a few years before. 8. Everything (was or had been) white and beautiful, because it (had snowed or snowed) in the night. 9. Because I (didnt make or hadn"t made) an appointment, the manager (refused had refused) to see me. 10. When I (did or had done) the washing up I (sat down or had sat down) and (read or had read) the paper. 11.My hands are dirty, because I (have been repairing or have repaired) the car. 12.I (have not enjoyed or have not been enjoing ) my job recently. 13.George(has helped or has been helping) me in the office since Tuesday. 14.I(have had or have having) a headache since this morning. 15. Anthony (has been or has being) away for the last few days.

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