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Алгебра 5 - 9 классы Deladar

Complete the questions with the question tags. 1. You have already been to this place, __? 2. Tom and Ken quarrel very often, __? 3. Your new classmate plays the guitar, __? 4. Nick enjoyed taking part in different quests and competition, __? 5. You were at home yesterday, __? 6. You are going with us __? 7. You are good at keeping secrets, __? 8. It's freezing today, __? 9. You have already apologized for your behavior, __? 10. Your brother looks very much like you, __?

1.havent you
2.dont they
3.doesnt she/he
4.didnt he
5.werent you
6.arent you
7.arent you
8.isnt it
9.havent you
10.doesnt he
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