Английский язык 5 - 9 классы Centritus

Хеееелп плиз Fill in the blank with the appropriate term from the list below. Cyclical unemployment Labor force Discouraged worker Physical production possibilities Frictional unemployment Full- employment Full employment GNP gap Seasonal unemployment Structural unemployment GNP unemployment Unemployment Unemployment rate Institutional production possibilities 1. When people are employed below their capabilities, they are said to be victims of______ 2. The loss of jobs when the economy fails to reach its potential is called ______ 3. Unemployment statistics sometimes understate the magnitude of the problem because they do not take into account the _____ 4. Dividing the number of unemployed people by the entire labor force yields the_____ 5. When the economy is operating below its potential, there is said to be a____ 6. The Council of Economic Advisers has revised upward its estimate of what constitutes_____, variously estimated to be between 6 and 7 percent unemployment. 7. The economys physical production possibilities exceed its _____ 8. When society imposes limitations on the efficient use of workers, the result is that it cannot produce at the limit of its____ 9. Every person 16 years of age or older who is either employed for pay or actively seeking employment is considered a part of the_____ 10. When the unemployment rate increases after schools close for the summer, the increase is referred to as_____ 11. Those who cannot find jobs because they do not possess the skills that jobs currently require suffer from_____ 12. Adding together structural, frictional, seasonal, and cyclical unemployment gives a gross estimate of the amount of total_____ 13. Joblessness that occurs as people move from one job to another is_____ One of the goals of economic policy is to see that the economy produces a_____

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