Английский язык 5 - 9 классы Saithiril

Подскажите как пожалуйста 1)Выписать предложения в Pres.Simple в отрицательной форме 1 абзац 2)Выписать предложения в Past.Simple в отрицательной форме все остальные абзацы Заранее Спасибо DINNER AT THE RESTAURANT Usually I have dinner at home but last Sunday my friend invited me to have dinner at the restaurant. When we came in the head- waiter showed us to the table. We sat down at the table and the waiter gave us the menu. The table was already set for dinner. There was a white table-cloth on the table, plates, spoons, knives and forks on it. In the middle of the table there was a dish with white and brown bread, a cruet-set with a salt-cellar and pots for pepper and mustard. We decided to begin with some kind of appetizer or hors-d’oeuvre. My friend ordered clear chicken soup with noodles and I chose cabbage soup with small meat pies. For the second course there was a wide choice of dishes: fried fish and chips, pancakes with salmon, scallops fried in vegetable oil, veal cutlets, pork chops with fried potatoes, steaks and grilled chicken. For the second course the waiter suggested the specialty of the restaurant — pan-fried veal chops with spring onions. For dessert we decided to take vanilla ice cream, coffee and apple pie. Everything was very tasty and the service was good. The waiter brought us a hill. We paid the bill and left the restaurant.

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