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Английский язык 3 курс Zohan


Tim,20, student from Manchester. When I was a teenager I went a holiday with my parents to Brittany in France. My parents rented a lovely house on the beach, and weather was great .But I was 17, and I didn’t want to be want holiday with my mum and my dad my little brother. I wanted to be with my friends. We went to the beach every day sunbathed and we went to a fantastic seafood restaurant for my birthday. but I was miserable and I hated every minute of it. I didn’t smile once in two weeks. What really made me furious was that my parents let my older sister, who was 19, go to Spain with her friends

Gabriela, 28, marketing manager from Rome, Italy Im from Rome, and the summer here is really hot. So last year my husband and I decided to go to Sweden, to escape from the heat. We booked a 10-day vacation in Stockholm, the temperature in the summer is normally about 20 degrees centigrade. But when we got to Stockholm, there was a heat wave, and it was 35 degrees centigrade every day. It was awful because there was no air-conditioning any. We couldnt sleep at night — it was boiling in the hotel, and in the stores and museums, too. We didnt want to go shopping or go sightseeing or do anything. We were too hot. We just sat in cafes and argued all day. We didnt need to go to Sweden to do that!

Kelly, 26, TV journalist from Belfast Three years ago i broke up with my boyfriend and i decided to go on holiday on my own to the Seychelles. My travel agen told me that it was a wonderful place. But he didnt tell me that it was also a very popular place for people on their honeymoon, Every | looked i saw couples holding hands and looking romantically into each others eyes! The travel agent also said it was always sunny there - but the weather was terrible - it was cloudy and very windy. To pass the time decided to do a diving course (one of erry lifetime ambitions), But it was a complete disaster because the first time I went under the water i had a panic attack. I couldnt escape from the island so i spent an incredibly boring (and expensive) two weeks in paradise.


a. Read the three letters to The Holiday Magazine and match them with the photos.

b. Complete the sentences with Tim, Gabriela, or Kelly.

1. Kelly wanted to go some hot.

2. Gabriela wanted to go some cool.

3. Tim had great food.

4. Kelly wanted to forget somebody.

5. Gabriela had problems sleeping.

6. Tim wanted to go on holiday with different people.

c. Find four adjectives in the article that mean very good and two that mean very bad. Underline the stressed syllable.

very good: fantastic (text 1), wonderful (text 3),

very bad: terrible (text 3), boring (text 3)


past simple



a. Whats the past simple of these verbs? Are they regular or irregular? Check your answers with text 1.

be - to be

want - wanted

rent - rented

want - wanted

sunbathe - sunbathed

b. Now underline the other + past simple verbs in texts 2 and 3. What are the infinitives?

c. Underline two negative past simple verbs in the magazine article. How do you make negatives and questions in the past simple?

with normal verbs

with was / were

with could

p.128 Grammar Bank 2A.

Read the rules and do the exercises.

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